Societies and politics in Europe are turning more and more right-wing and nationalistic these days. This situation brings a lot of bad consequences – worsening situation of refugee and migrant women* and POC as racism and xenophobia is rising on a daily basis; discrimination and marginalization of non-binary, inter and trans people through intensification of hetero-normative, traditional social and family visions; reduction of access to and informations about reproductive rights of women.

Those consequences have to be brought to light with bigger impact. Our response to this right-wing shift is networking and solidarity, as together we are more visible are stronger.

For that reason, in August 2018 the quaravan, consisting of cars, vans and trucks, move between different places in East Germany and Poland. The concept is about a monthly tour, a mobile networking and workshop platform, connecting individuals and activist groups, with the idea of the direct, local activities.

We want to connect individuals and activist groups, exchange experiences and learn from each other, analyse together the situation and it’s influence in a society, to confront the growing right-wing politics and build resistance to it from a queer-feminist perspective.

Quaravan is organised in a non-hierarchical and decentralized way. We are open for people to join the organisation in any state of progress. If you are interested, come around to one of our meetings or contact us via e-mail or info telephone.

No own vehicle needed.

Let’s connect, act and discuss together!
Let’s be visible, loud and rock the road!