Need help?

We all need help sometimes and even if it might feel like you’re alone with your problems, you’re actually not.

There is a huge network of helping people already existing, doing their best to guide you with your questions.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

If you have questions regarding your sexuality, sexual health, contraception or simply need to talk to somebody, check this page::

Grupa Edukacyjna Ponton / Telefon Zaufania

If you need help regarding contraception, unwanted pregnancy and safe abortion, depending on what exactly is your wish, you will find useful informations and contacts here:

Women Help Women
Kobiety w sieci
Lekarze Kobietom
Women On Waves
Ciocia Basia
Aborcyjny Dream Team
Sisterhood Network
Abortion Network Amsterdam

If you have problems with violence in your relationship, family or environment, need legal counseling, get help:

Cała Polska, wykaz ośrodków Ośrodek Interwencji Kryzysowej
Cała Polska Niebieska Linia
Cała Polska Centrum Praw Kobiet
Cała Polska Federacja na rzecz Kobiet
Lubuskie, Zielona Góra Lubuskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Kobiet
Dolnośląskie, Wrocław Kampania Przeciw Przemocy

Maybe you just want to get involved in local struggles, get into feminist activism, meet people with similar mindset? Start here:

Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet
Grupa Dyskusyjna Dziewuchy Polskie

And this website is a good source of informations regarding LGBT rights, preventing violence, migrants and refugees: